Things to See & Do in the Murdo Area

Stop and visit some of the popular attractions and local recreational areas...

Murdo offers a wide variety of recreational activities and popular attractions. Visit the Pioneer Auto Show, 1880 Town. Enjoy a dip in our local swimming pool, a picnic at the Murdo Park and a round of golf on our golf course.

Industrial Park. The City of Murdo has 40 acres of land just off Interstate 90 and Highway 83. This land is being developed into an industrial park.

The City is willing to work with businesses interested in relocating a current business or looking to start a new venture.  Premium space is still available. Contact the Murdo City Office at (605) 669-2272 for more details.

Attractions & Activities

Pioneer Auto Show

Pioneer Auto Show

On your way to or from Mt. Rushmore, The Blacks Hills or Yellowstone National Park
plan to visit 'THE BIG VARIETY SHOW' at the Pioneer Auto Show.

You will find it a fun filled experience. Over 250 collectible cars, 60 motorcycles, 60 tractors, music boxes, toys and nostalgic items. See the 'REAL General Lee' and Elvis Presley's Motorcycle.

Activities for the entire family, including a Kids Treasurer Hunt, Tractor Tour, Motorcycle Tour and Car Tour. Visit the Prairie Town. 

Original 1880 Town

1880 Town near Murdo

Walk down the Main Street of South Dakota's original 1880 Town and explore more than 30 buildings authentically furnished with thousands of relics. Enjoy the rolling terrain of a sprawling homestead and envision 'life on the prairie'.

While at the 1880 town, you can view memorabilia from the late Casey Tibbs, a champion rodeo bronc rider as well as many props that were used in filming the movie 'Dances with Wolves'. 

1880 Town is located 22 miles west of Murdo, SD just off Interstate 90 at Exit 170.

Murdo City Park

Murdo City Park

On the west edge of Murdo, the City Park has plenty of activities to keep kids of all ages entertained.Located along the edges of the Park Dam.

The city park has covered picnic areas, swings, slides, climbing equipment, newly renovated sand volleyball court and a new playground system.

It is a perfect place for families to take a break and let the kids run and play while the adults stretch their legs.

Municipal Swimming Pool

Murdo Municipal Swimming Pool

The coolest place in Murdo during the hot summer months, is the Murdo Swimming Pool.

Complete with a full size pool ranging from 3 Feet to 10 Feet, he Murdo Municipal Swimming Pool is the perfect place to relax on a hot South Dakota summer day.

The Murdo pool offers a special 1 Foot wading pool for small children to splash and play.

The pool is open from 1:00 PM to 5:00 PM and 6:00 PM to 9:00 PM daily for open swimming at a bargain price of $1 per swimmer.

North Dam

Boat Ramps at the North Dam

Located five miles north of Murdo, this recreation area is great for fishing and boating enthusiasts. The natural dam has several boat ramps for water skiing, fishing and boating.

Picnic areas are also available for families to enjoy the water and outdoors.

Enjoy winter and summer activities at the North Dam, great ice fishing in the winter as well as boating, fishing and skiing during the summer months.

Tennis and Basketball Courts

Tennis & Basketball Courts

For more outdoor entertainment, Murdo has outdoor newly updated tennis and basketball courts available for your pleasure.

The courts are located next to the swimming pool and recently underwent a major renovation. New backboards and tennis nets, as well as benches for spectators were installed by the 'Jones County Turner Youth Foundation'.

This area can be utilized day or night as lights are available for those late night games.

Baseball and Softball Field

Baseball & Softball Fields

Play Ball!

That sound is heard daily in the summer months in Murdo as the baseball and softball programs get underway. The program is run from June through August with games and tournaments held often.

Softball and baseball programs for youth to adult are available, both girls/ladies and boys/men.

It is the perfect place for your friends and family to gather for a friendly game and root for your favorite team.

Murdo Golf Course


The Murdo Golf Course, located three miles north of Murdo, has undergone a major renovation, boasting of grass greens and tee boxes. A new watering system was installed to keep those rolling prairie grasses green.

Course fees are reasonable for every golfer. You can play one round or all day.

For more information on the golf course call (605) 669-2300.

Murdo Rodeo Arena


The Murdo Rodea Arena, located on the north side of Murdo, is open to travelers hauling horses and needing to give them a chance to exercise and eat.

Water is available of the grounds.

Call the Chamber at (605) 669-3333 for more information regarding the rodeo arena.

Hunting and Fishing

Turkey & Pheasant Hunting

For the avid or occasional hunter, Murdo provides a great location for hunting. Hunting pheasants, turkey, deer or waterfowl, Murdo is the place to hunt.

Murdo has several guided hunting services for hunters looking for guided hunts. View area hunting lodges and guided hunt services.

Jones County Sportsmen Club

Jones County Sportsmen Club

The Jones County Sportsmen Club has expanded its services for people who are interested in archery and shooting.

Contact the Chamber for more information on how to contact the Sportsmen Club to join or use its facilities.

Turner Community Center

Turner Community Center

The Turner Community Center, located at 121 Main Street, hosts meetings, provides internet access and hosts Saturday night activities. 

You can contact the Turner Community Center at PO Box 255, Murdo, SD 57559.